Do I have to sign in to use Dine?

Yes but it takes seconds, and then you have your own account. This way you can gain full access to all of Dine’s features.

In Sign up, which country do I choose?

Choose the country that your phone number is linked to.

Can I get home delivery service from all restaurants?

You can only get delivery service from restaurants that have their own delivery team. They will appear in the list of restaurants when you click the delivery button.

Can I Pre Order for next week?

Currently you can only schedule Pre Orders for the same day.

Why does a restaurant appear closed but the working hours mentioned shows they should be open?

This means that the restaurant is not logged into their dash board which means he cannot receive orders. If you still feel like ordering from this restaurant try again in a few mins, or give them a call and let them know.

What’s the points conversion ?

For every BD1 you spend at a particular restaurant, you earn 100fils credit to be used at that same restaurant. The points are converted to the nearest lower whole number. Example if your bill is BD10.6 you will earn 10 points not 10.6 points. We round it off just to make it easier for everyone.

Can I earn points on every single order I make?

Yes you can except if the restaurant is running a promotion or if you are redeeming points to pay for that particular order. Only in these two cases, your orders will not earn points.

When can I use my points?

You can use your points only when using the Order function at the restaurant (that means you can’t use it for Pre Order or Delivery).

Who should I call if I have any clarification on my order?

Contact the restaurant directly as their contacts are available in the app.

What’s the difference between Pre Order and Order?

Preorder is when you are not at the restaurant yet. Its when you want to preorder before arriving. In this function, you can have the order ready for pick up or dine in which ever is your preference. If its for pick up, the restaurant should have it ready for you at the counter, if its dine in then your table will be ready waiting for your arrival. Order function is used when you are at the restaurant for dine in, all you have to do is select your table number and make your order.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes you can but only before payment is made. We give you ample time to make sure you are certain you want the order before making it. Once your order is selected, your request goes to the restaurant for confirmation. Even if the restaurant confirms, you can still cancel your order by simple clicking back. But once payment is made, your order cannot be cancelled as the restaurant will have received confirmation of your payment and began preparing it.

Can I chat in any chat room?

Yes you can, but you must make an order at that restaurant first. You can’t enter a chat room of a restaurant that you never ordered from. The order can be a Pre Order, Order or Delivery it doesn’t matter. The reason we made it this way, is because we wanted each chat room to be exclusively for its customers.

Where can I upload my photo or any photo to appear next to my name in Chat?

Go to settings, Edit Profile, and you will find it on top. Just click on it and you will have the option.

Is there an easy way to save my delivery address instead of entering it every time?

Yes there is, go to settings, then select delivery address. Here you can save 3 different addresses.