Sab Trek Technologies is a new digital innovations company that develops and manages various products aimed at improving people and businesses lives. Our new product is called Dine designed for restaurants cafes and lounges. Customers can use it to order and pay for their orders via internet.

Why Become a Partner

Dine will do all that for you. An innovative mobile & desktop application for customers and restaurants.

Key features

  • Profile your customers

    When signing up customers will have the option to enter their details such as age, country, gender.

    Once they make an order from your venue, they will be show up in your database.

    You will be able to have a profile of your customer at any time. This way you can see where you need to grow or build on.

  • Digital Menu

    By being a part of Dine your customers will have access to your digital menu saving you money on printed menus.

    This menu can be updated by you from your Restaurant Panel at anytime very easily.

    No need for investing in tablets which get damaged from customer use. The customer will be using his own device.

  • Pre-order

    Customers can order before arriving to give you enough time to prepare their orders and have it ready once they arrive. The customer will choose the option of Dine in or Pick up.

    If its Dine in then all you need to do is have it ready on the table (pre-selected by you) per the time they have selected,

    If its pick up then have it ready at your counter for them to collect.

    This will reduce their waiting time and make it easier for you to manage your orders in all departments.

    Also they will pay online in both cases so you do not need to worry about payments. The orders will be received on your Restaurant Panel. And all you will have to do is punch the order in your POS system.

  • Order dine in

    Customers can order once they arrive directly from the app.

    They will enter the table# they are sitting on and their order and pay through the app.

    They will select the table# they are sitting on, make their order and pay through the app. Dine will be providing you with table number stickers free of charge if required.

    The orders will be received on your Restaurant Panel. And all you will have to do is punch the order in your POS system and serve the customer.

    Your waiters will only need to serve the customer. And have time to upsell them if need be.

  • Delivery

    This feature is only for restaurants who have their own delivery team.

    Customers will have the option to order for delivery in this case.

    Again just like pre-order and order they will select their items and pay for it online. The orders will be received on your Restaurant Panel. And all you will have to do is punch the order in your POS system.

  • Promotional Campaigns:

    This will feature will allow you to create promotional campaigns to your database. Consider it your marketing partner.

    Another easy to use tool to drive more business.

    All you have to do is select the type of offer, validity period and announcements details and click submit. And your database will see the notifications on their mobile screens with the offers.

    And in future we will add more type of campaign offers that you can select from so that your customers can be hooked to your restaurant with plenty of offers.

    What's great is you are in control, you do it yourself from your Restaurant Panel. No need to depend on any third party.

  • Announcements:

    This feature will let you send announcements to your database.

    Any events, new dishes, new chefs, change in working hours, greeting message etc you want to communicate to your database will be a click of a button away through your Restaurant Panel. This will appear in the customer’s mobile app notification center and in app.

    Please note that your database is built one by one from customers who have ordered from you before through Dine.

    Again this Is free of charge now.

    In addition each restaurant can avail the option of broadcasting announcements to all Dine database by selecting the database source. This will be for an additional charge.

  • Loyalty Points

    Your customers will be able to earn points that they can redeem at your restaurant.

    The standard redemption system will be 1 point for every 1BD they spend. 1 point will equate to 100fils. (for example 10 points is BD1).

    The points are rounded off to the nearest lower whole number (example if they have a bill of BD10.9 they will only get 10points which is BD1. If their bill is BD11.2 he will get 11points which is BD1.1).

    These points can only be used for dine in so they attract your customers to come back and build loyalty and traffic.

    Points are not earned when combined with a redemption.

    The customer will be able to redeem his points when selecting the dine in order option, and the amount selected will be deducted from his total bill.

What you will get

  • A Restaurant Panel to receive the orders, understand your customer profile , run your marketing campaigns, generate reports and more.
  • If you have any queries, you will be able to send it from within the Restaurant Panel, no more unanswered calls or emails. This is where you get all your responses. Everything in one place.
  • One of the key benefits of Dine is it combines so much all in one place.
  • Most importantly it’s all managed by you! You don’t need to wait for a 3rd party, you just do it yourself from your Restaurant Panel.

How much will this cost you?

  • Yearly subscription
  • Dine Commission on all orders (Pre Order, Order, Delivery).
  • Loyalty points: The points your customers earn will be converted to purchasing value to be used at your venue. BD1 spent at your restaurant will mean 1point which is equivalent to 100fils credit.
  • Your payments will be transferred to your bank account within 10 working days the following month net our commission and any charges, & bank charges.

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